European commission sets up own Mastodon server

After the Dutch government decided to set up its own Mastodon server last November 2023, now the European Commission has also taken this step toward decentralization and set up its own Mastodon server.

This platform is increasing in popularity, and quite rightly so in our opinion. Anyone can set up a Mastodon server and make this service available to anyone who wants an account. This account always remains under your own control and can easily be moved from server to server if you no longer agree with the service or terms. This is both democracy and decentralization in its best form.

One note we would like to make is that as far as we are concerned, it is important to know on which servers or network these Mastodon instances will be installed. If this is installed on the conventional central network, it is “new wine in old bottles” as far as we are concerned, and you are still depositing the data with an external party. If you install it around a node on the decentralized network, then you are 100% in control of your own data.

A decentralized application belongs on a decentralized network!