Project INCA: New Standard in Decentralized Cloud

ThreeFold proudly announced Project Internet Capacity (INCA), the fourth generation of the decentralized Grid. This announcement marks an important milestone in the evolution of the ThreeFold ecosystem and confirms the steady growth the decentralized network is experiencing.

INCA token and Blockchain Integration

The heart of Project INCA is the introduction of the INCA token, which serves as a key element for creating a robust and efficient network. The token will function within the Solana blockchain, which was chosen for its speed, low cost and scalability. This ensures that the INCA token can be efficiently and reliably deployed on a along known blockchain, creating more visibility in the DePIN world. DePIN stands for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks.

If you are already saving TFT tokens, which of course continue to exist, you will soon be able to exchange them for INCA at an extra advantageous rate. Even more reason to build or buy a node soon!

1 million nodes

Growth and Reliability

One of Project INCA’s core ambitions is to expand the ThreeFold Grid to one million nodes. This scaling is critical to delivering a reliable and robust infrastructure that can compete with traditional centralized cloud solutions. With a larger number of nodes, ThreeFold can provide more capacity and redundancy, resulting in improved performance and reliability for users worldwide. Some major parties worldwide have expressed interest in using the decentralized grid, but that much more capacity is needed to do so. That’s why HostService is releasing new nodes soon, in different price ranges. Keep an eye on us!

Community-based Approach

ThreeFold also emphasizes the role of the community in the success of Project INCA. By deploying decentralized technologies and the INCA token, ThreeFold aims to create an ecosystem that is managed and supported by its users. This community-oriented approach should not only promote the adoption of the technology, but also contribute to the development of new applications and services within the network.

Vision for the future

With Project INCA, ThreeFold is taking an important step toward digital sovereignty and innovation. The project promises not only improved technical performance and economic efficiency, but also a shift toward a more inclusive and democratic Internet infrastructure. By leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology and promoting a decentralized approach, ThreeFold aims to create a sustainable and equitable digital future.