3Nodes - a piece of internet in every home

Since early 2022, the number of 3Nodes worldwide has been growing exponentially to now several thousand 3nodes. In order to build a complete, covering and efficient Internet, as many 3nodes as possible must be placed in homes, businesses, schools and so on. HostService’s officially certified 3nodes receive an additional 25% yield, rewarding you for purchasing and making your 3node available, via a monthly fee that ensures your 3node pays for itself faster than your solar panels. (depending on fluctuations in exchange rate) And you help build a better future for both the planet, and people. Plug in, connect ethernet cable, power on and ready.



RAM (GB)323264
Storage (TB)0,511
Consumption Watt (idle)<10<10<15
Format in cm (l x b x h)11,7 x 11,2 x 3,711,7 x 11,2 x 3,737,6 x 18,5 x 29,2
Whisper quietYesYesYes
Wake on Lan – readyYesYesYes
Expandable HDDNoNoNo (upon request)
Expandable with GPU (video card)NoNoNo
Monthly yield (TFT)~320~350~650