We are building Decentralized Internet

Currently the website is translated to English, it is work in progress and will finish in the next few weeks…Thank you for understanding.

Since 2022, HostService Nederland has focused entirely on the latest revolution; a sustainable, highly energy-efficient and decentralized Internet for everyone, by everyone. Discover the powerful potential of the decentralized Internet, where users have control over their own data and privacy. Explore a new world of decentralized apps and platforms that promote independence and freedom. Discover how decentralized technologies such as blockchain and peer-to-peer networks improve the reliability and security of online communications. Become a pioneer of the decentralized Internet and be part of the movement that gives power back to users. Why a new Internet? Check it out here!

We are based in the east of the Netherlands, where our team designs, builds and provides customer service across Europe, for our purpose-built certified 3nodes, as an official partner of Threefold.

People's internet

Why a new internet?

First, tell me why we need a new Internet!

What does a 3node do?

What can I actually do with a 3node? Do I need knowledge?

Ordering Process

Ok, I'm convinced. But how exactly does the ordering process go?

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