Why build a new Internet?

One of the most frequently asked questions to us is: What’s wrong with the current Internet. Is it broken? Is it unsafe?
The answer is that the old Internet was fine for the applications back then. Mainly for websites and e-mails. Today, however, we use the Internet for many more things such as Social Media, Apps and Cloud environments. For that, the old Internet is much less suitable, unsafe and very energy unfriendly. This is partly due to the “centralized nature” of today’s Internet. Because of this centralization, shareholders and investors have gained power over this Internet and every visitor has now become ‘a product’ without being noticed. In addition, centralized placement of much data is a sought-after target of hackers and war situations.

The new Internet is secure, decentralized, energy-efficient and aims for ‘everyone’ to have access to it, with your data remaining yours. It is an Internet by everyone and for everyone, with a safe environment for looking up information, connecting with your social circles and storing your data securely. Just as it was intended to be. Help build it!