What can you do with a 3node?

When you purchase a node through us, we make sure you get a worry-free device. Unpack it, plug it in, turn it on, done.

When you connect and turn on a 3node, you don’t have to do anything else with it except enjoy that you have just made an important contribution and investment in expanding the new, economical, secure and efficient decentralized Internet. For making your node and your investment available, you will receive a monthly fee in the form of TFT tokens.

Is this all?

More experienced users could use the TFTs to launch applications such as virtual servers, websites, a private cloud environment and the like on the new Internet itself.

If you are in possession of a public IP from your provider, you could assign it to your own node and start services on it. For this we would like to refer to the many information available on the Threefold forum.

Since many people still find it difficult to start a service on the decentralized network themselves, HostService has recently offered to do this for you; in our menu you can find what we offer, such as your own secure Cloud environment and Website.