In order to order a 3node you need a so-called “Farm ID”. In this farm you place one or more nodes. This farm is linked to your personal wallet in which you receive the revenues of your 3node.

Here is a step-by-step explanation that makes this easy!

Installing the Threefold Connect App

By far the easiest way to create a farm is through the Threefold Connect App on a cell phone.

Download the desired version for Android or iOS.

Next, we are going to go through just 3 steps;

1) Create Account/Username
2) Create Wallet.
3) Create Farm

1) User Name Creation

After launching the App, you first choose a username.

Enter a valid email address, it will be verified during this process.

IMPORTANT: Seedphrase (private key)

Note: This step is very important, please read it carefully:

In this step, you will be presented with a so-called seedphrase. These are 24 random words unique to account and wallet.

NEVER share these words with others, but write them all down!

Do not take a picture or screenshot, but preferably write them down with pen and paper and store them carefully. This seedphrase can never be provided by anyone else. If you lose these 24 words you will no longer have access to your wallet.

At the bottom, confirm that you have written down your username and seedphrase.

To check that you have saved the seedphrase, you are asked here to choose 3 random words from the 24 words you just wrote down, separated by a space. (no comma!)

Once you have successfully created the account, this overview appears. Here you will see the chosen username and e-mail address.

You can make any changes here by clicking on the pencil.

Then click on Finish.

Choose a 4-digit PIN code here, this will give you easy access to your farm and wallet in the future.

Confirm email address

A verification email has been sent to you. Please open this mail and click on the link to confirm your email address. If successful, you will see this image on the right in your browser.

2) Wallet aanmaken

Creating a Wallet is now very easy. Select Wallet from the App menu.

Simply click on the Create Initial Wallet button.

At that moment the name of your wallet is still “Daily” for a while, you can change this later.

It is possible to add more wallets later, also the more advanced user could import a wallet via the button on the bottom right.

Done! Your wallet has already been created. In the overview you will see the TFT Stellar wallet, which is a wallet on the Stellar blockchain.

You will also find a TFT TFchain, which is a chain created by Threefold.

This is only informative, you do not need to do anything else. You will automatically receive your TFT monthly in this wallet.

If you want to know the address of these wallets or you want to change the name “Daily”, you can do so at the bottom via the button the the i sign.

3) Create a Farm

The last step; select Farming from the App’s menu.

Since no farm has been created yet, “Loading” will keep running for a while.

Don’t wait for this, but click on the plus (+) at the top right to create a farm.

On this page, click on the link at the bottom called Click to create ->

First, you select the wallet you want linked to your farm. In most cases you have only one wallet which will be automatically selected.

Next you choose your own Farm Name. This Farm Name will later be publicly visible to others, as shown on the right.

If you agree with the conditions, slide the slider to the right and click Submit.

If successful, the confirmation as you see here appears at the bottom of the screen.


When you open the Farm by using the arrow on the right, the overview of everything you need appears.

The number you see under Farm ID is what you enter when ordering a 3node, or which you use if you build and node yourself and install the software yourself.

Happy farming!